Welcome to the press kit of Asher! 

“Not striving for the money, I know that’ll come. I want to speak my truth.”

Originally from Washington, DC and now resides on the West side of Charlotte, NC, Asher is a HipHop artist. He is now a sophomore at North Carolina A&T, but he started music about 5-6 years ago. Asher’s first major EP dropped back in February, 2020, featuring the song “Soul Cries” that he performed before dropping the EP and it got him a record deal with Bentley Records in October of 2019; he is no longer signed with Bentley records as of June, 2020 due to social differences. Before his last EP, Asher would describe his targeted audience as the mainstream wave of “trap style” music; but in his last EP, Asher wanted to speak his truth and “impact as many people as possible with his experiences and his struggles”. Since then he’s gained more loyal, genuine followers that consistently stream his music and look for his new projects. Asher will be dropping his newest EP on Nov. 5th, 2020; in this EP he’ll be displaying his wide array of emotions as he deals with his own battles with PTSD, hood situations, cancer, family, spirituality, etc. On this new project look for his dope flow and real lyrics; Asher looks up to Kendrick Lamar, Jay Z and J Cole when it comes to lyricism. With his last EP being titled “Listen to My Heart & Soul” Asher has already started living his purpose and “impacting people that may be experiencing the same circumstances and inspiring them to think differently”.